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The GillyGirls Band is a family band comprised of two sets of twins! The band just released a new album "Home", which brings the total to four. As well as numerous awards won through the California State Old Time Fiddlers Association, they recently received the honor of 1st place at Silver Dollar City's “KSMU Youth in Bluegrass” Contest! They have been performing since 2015, at numerous churches, rodeos, the World Ag Expo, many private events, and more. Recently Central Californians heard them during the Fresno premiere of the Ken Burns’ PBS Documentary film “Country Music”. They impressed a full theater and producer Ken Burns himself said, “We will be seeing them at The Grand Ole Opry soon.”

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Savannah | 18

Savannah is the oldest, and is our lead fiddle player. She does all of our musical song arranging. When she's not playing music, she loves to bake, and is an excellent cook! She loves coffee, and she is the family barista!

Morgan | 18

Morgan is the second oldest, and she is our lead bassist. She can also play the mandolin, piano, ukulele, and she has perfect pitch! When she's not playing music, she loves to play with her cats and knit. 

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Hailey | 16

Hailey is the third child, and she is our lead guitarist. Hailey is the jokester of the family. When she’s not playing music, she loves to take walks, dance around the house, and play with her cat, Bear.

Jillian | 16

Jillian is the youngest and tallest! She is our lead mandolin player. She can also play the bass and banjo. She designed and manages our website! When she's not playing music, she loves to read, go on walks, and play ping pong!

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